Infra Availability


You may need our managed IT support services in the following situations:

Your IT infrastructure is managed by different vendors and you have concerns about service coverage gaps that lead to high IT risks. You’re looking for a vendor who will ensure full coverage of all daily IT management tasks at an affordable cost.

IT Infrastructure Consulting

We define IT issues you are concerned about and the business objectives you want to achieve. We analyze the current state of your IT infrastructure, i.e., its applications, enterprise systems, cloud solutions, servers, etc. We determine the relevant technologies you may need to adopt to achieve the set business goals. Applying our ITSM experience, we help you achieve competitive advantage and viability with a full cycle of IT support services we offer – from designing your IT infrastructure to building, migrating and optimizing your workloads.

Help Desk Support

We assist you in managing both your internal applications and software you offer to your clients. We handle software issues varying in complexity – from password resetting to the code-level investigation of issues. With 3 IT help desk support levels we provide, you don’t need to arrange an in-house support team but still can be sure that your applications are managed properly and concerns of your users are timely addressed.

IT Environment Administration

We manage and maintain the operability of your data systems, network components, and applications. Log-Us’s IT infrastructure administrators ensure:
• User administration.
• Software configuration.
• Regular software updates, and more.

IT infrastructure monitoring

To predict and promptly detect issues related to the performance of your IT environment and its components, we configure and use appropriate monitoring tools (e.g., Sift 24, Zabbix, Nagios). Our IT administrators can constantly monitor all components of your on-premises or cloud-based environments, including servers, applications, data storage, virtual machines, and provide you with regular reporting on your IT infrastructure performance and resource utilization.
To achieve higher IT operations efficiency, we integrate IT infrastructure monitoring tools with ITSM tools. As a result, we get the increased visibility into the IT environment, reduced service restoration time and an automated ticketing process.

IT Issues Troubleshooting

We address the issues related to the operability of your servers and end-user devices following the next steps.

Designing a contingency plan

to address major incidents, analyzing business impact and defining preventive measures.

Ensuring plan execution

to avoid recurring critical incidents.

Resolving incidents

resulting from server misconfigurations, the insufficient protection of endpoint devices, etc.

Finding and resolving the root causes

of the incidents with a thorough log investigation.

IT Infrastructure Evolution

Log-Us pays due attention to the support of the growth and evolution of your IT infrastructure. Our team is eager to:


and provide the necessary assistance in planning the improvements and development of your IT infrastructure.

Smoothly implement changes in your IT environment avoiding downtime.


with third-party vendors responsible for the management of the other parts of your IT infrastructure, applying the DevOps approach if necessary.


user adoption of the changes in your IT environment via release notes and comprehensive training provided to your employees when needed.


a proper level of cybersecurity of your network, applications, databases, etc., either with our own resources and capabilities entirely or in cooperation with your in-house information security team or a third-party vendor’s specialists.


We tailor our IT support services depending on the level of involvement you expect from us:

Complete managed IT support

In terms of complete managed IT support, our team takes the whole responsibility for keeping your IT infrastructure reliable, maintaining your network performance, managing your virtualized environments, and ensuring a high level of your IT infrastructure cybersecurity with the efforts of our expert information security team.

Co-managed IT support

If you opt for a co-managed cooperation model, we efficiently align our efforts with your internal IT infrastructure department or, for example, third-party cloud or security specialists and are ready to constantly cooperate with them in adjusting SLOs, improving risk management processes, administering and maintaining software and hardware operability.

Answers and advice from people you want it from.

Answers and advice from people you want it from.