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Founded in the year 2002, Log-Us has today grown to a 100+ strong team of skilled and experienced professionals spread across different geographical locations. Headquartered in Bangalore, Log-Us has its operations in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Cochin along with partnerships in other Tier 2 cities to ensure that customers get the benefit of Log-Us’s uncompromised service irrespective of geographical location.

Focusing on industrial segments spanning retail, IT software and services, health care, real estate and the public sector, Log-Us has earned a reputation for being a quality conscious company which provides the same level of service to all its customers irrespective of business size or volume.

Deriving its core strength from its team, our unique model is encouraging going beyond usual and out-of-the-box thinking which has empowered its engineers to excel in their performance.

Following the `world is flat’ model, Log-Us’s hierarchy less organizational structure has ensured the unanimous feedback from customers that it is difficult to identify the owners versus the employees in Log-Us as every single individual’s performance is targeted at customer exhilaration.


- We, at Log-Us, are empowered to ensure customer exhilaration with uncompromised integrity at all times.
- We guarantee individualized solutions to cater to our customers’ unique requirements.
- We guarantee the highest levels of quality in the products which adhere to international standards we use as well as in our work style.
- We continue to enhance our skills by upgrading our knowledge with certification programs to ensure that we are a one-stop solution for our customers.


To be the leading IT Infrastructure partner for organizations by providing the entire gamut of solutions and services to drive maximized operational efficiency.

What we do

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Application Management

We can take responsibility for the management of your applications ensuring its increased business flexibility and optimized IT costs.

DevOps Consulting

To help you implement the DevOps initiative, our DevOps consultants take into account your unique needs, both organizational and technical ones.

Infra Availability

Your IT infrastructure is managed by different vendors and you have concerns about service coverage gaps that lead to high IT risks.

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